Autumnal Haikus

These anonymously submitted Autumnal Haikus, paired with Madeleine Leisk’s beautiful illustrations, conclude Queerativity’s Halloween-themed features wonderfully. Madeleine’s artwork can be purchased as cards on her Etsy page here.

their eyes are autumn 

changes with the bitter breeze 

i will keep them warm.

the dying season 

maybe this part of me can

finally be free. 

pumpkin sculpting done

carve holes out of me and then

maybe i can pass.

want a cup of tea?

just one of the many ways

you say i love you.


They say that we enchant.
I know she enchants me
With those eyes
Wise eyes of tree bark
Entwined with poison ivy.

They chant “dark magic”
But we scream love.
Potions of waning leaves,
And witching hour kisses
Under withering stars.

They point paranoid fingers
As we twist each-others matted braids.
We conjure intoxicating romance
And command the roots, the buds,
To scatter wreaths across our hearts.

They grab their pitchforks
As we lie in beds of sanguine sage,
Heal our rosemary love.

Vials of hydrangea at our door
Dye our clothes the colours
They want to drown us.

They won’t see us leave
Flying under violet skies
Together and free.
Hunt us not,
Those who do not grasp

Our ember love.

By Molly Knox.