Pride in the Park

Queerativity hosted our first in-person event, Pride in the Park, featuring an incredible line-up of LGBTQ+ Talent and amassing a gorgeous community of attendees. Here are some pictures of our beautiful day.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any pictures from Pride in the Park that you want to share with us!


My feathers are not your fishing lure

My tick box won’t buy you favour

The pot at the end of my rainbow

Is full of riches you didn’t pay for

Don’t bank on my love; it’s not yours

Don’t try sell me my own heart

And before you offer me support


Are you just playing the part?

Did you fight for this glory?

Have you weathered the undesirable stares?

Or do you feel lucky, no – relieved

When the awkward questions are spared?

Parity, not charity, that’s what I want

You don’t get snaps for joining a fad

When it matters, you’re nonchalant

So, keep my rainbow out of your ad

Pride in the park Performers

Queerativity are so excited to announce our first in-person event, Pride in the Park! This will be a relaxed and fun opportunity to celebrate Edinburgh Pride with others, and tickets can be purchased here.

Our fantastic line-up of talent that will be featuring at different slots for Pride in the Park can be seen below!

Slot 6 Performer – Megan Black

Buy tickets for Megan’s slot here.

Slot 5 Performer – Scout

Buy tickets for Scout’s slot here.

Slot 4 Performer – Mally Smith

Buy tickets for Mally’s slot here.

Slot 3 Performer 1 – Rona J

Buy tickets for Rona’s slot here.

Slot 3 Performer 2 – Emilie-Jane and Laura Firth

Buy tickets for Emilie-Jane & Laura’s slot here.

Slot 2 Performers – Heather Richardson and Laura Firth

Buy tickets for Heather & Laura’s slot here.

Slot 1 Performers – Nikita, Eve, and Ash

Buy tickets for Nikita, Eve, and Ash’ slot here.

More coming soon…

A Queerativity Tale Chapter Six

It’s about 7:15 pm. Lizzy should be back any moment. Sophie waits, patiently panicking under the few ratty blankets she could find, still not sure if she is feeling too hot or too cold. The power has been out for days at this point and the makeshift fireplace in the corner of the vacant warehouse gasps for life. The blue, white, and yellow ambulance lights from outside distribute harsh, makeshift fairy lights against the large window to Sophie’s right. Candlelight flickers, casting her ill-proportioned shadow across the towering white walls. She’s been sitting on the hard, concrete floor, quietly reading the same sentence in her book for the past couple of hours, occasionally looking up in response to her heightened senses- the leaves rustling on tree branches outside, the slight ring of the bell on a cat’s collar as it scratches its ear, the faint dripping of water from the leaking faucet in the bathroom. Lizzie left to search for cans of food in a local shop some time ago. Lizzie should be home by now. 

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