Meet the beautiful people behind the art.

Allison Fradkin

Writer of “Challah If You Queer Me”.

Allison Fradkin is a playwright with thespian tendencies who has a gay old time creating satirically scintillating Sapphic stories. An enthusiast of inclusivity and visibility, she acts as Co-Artistic Director and Literary Manager of Violet Surprise Theatre, curating new works that vibrantly and valiantly validate queer women.

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Nikita Nicol

Performer at “Pride in the Park”.

Nikita Nicol is a 20 year old queer musician who is Scottish based. They have been studying and playing music for over 7 years and is a upcoming songwriter who loves writing their own music and working with other musicians. Nikita has a lot of experience in performing and plans on doing it for a living; music is my way of expression and they want to be able to relate with others through their music and/or love for music.

Eve Allan

Performer at “Pride in the Park”.

Eve Allan is a 20 year old musician, she has been playing music since she was 4 and has been performing since the age of 13, her main instruments are Guitar and Vocals. Over the last 2 years she has been studying for her HND in Music and has been involved in many projects during this time. She has been involved in multiple productions in the Edinburgh Fringe and performed at a previous pride event in 2016. In the future she is hoping to continue performing and creating music.

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Ash Allan

Performer at “Pride in the Park”.

“My names ash. I sing and play guitar.”

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Sam Brighton

Writer of “Bait”.

Sam Brighton is an overthinking wordsmith with a flair for the dramatic; what’s on her paper is what’s in her heart. She writes mostly poetry and prose about life, death, love, heartbreak and food, usually letting the keyboard lead the way. Sam is currently working on a novel and hopes to be done before she dies (she’s okay with it being published posthumously – that’s a sure way to become famous). Originally from South Africa, Sam now lives and works in Liverpool. What brought her 8000 miles away from home? Love, of course. Over the years she has acquired a few of the local sayings and isms and as such is affectionately known as Scouse African.

Laura Firth

Performer at “Pride in the Park”.

Laura Firth is a theatre-maker and musician who is passionate about queer and feminist academia. She enjoys playing different instruments behind other people singing very well, so is excited to be accompanying Emilie-Jane at Pride in the Park. Laura is the human in the picture, not the dog.

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Emilie-Jane Stein

Performer at “Pride in the Park”.

Emilie-Jane is a singer-songwriter and drama student based in Edinburgh. They care about creating art that people can find comfort and a sense of belonging/relatability in. For Emilie-Jane, this includes making music or performances directly stemming from relationships and experiences she has had as a queer person. Emilie-Jane is so happy to be a part of Pride in the Park as not only is it a great opportunity to find new queer artists and musicians to support, but it is also important to have a safe space that is available to everyone in a way that a lot of LGBTQ+ nightlife isn’t.

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Mally Smith

Performer at “Pride in the Park”.

Mally Smith is a singer-songwriter from Boston, now living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Mally’s childhood love of the melancholy ballads of the British Isles and the poetic, political songs of the American folk-revival fuel her thoughtful and beautifully honest songwriting. Reminiscent of Anais Mitchell, Shawn Colvin and a young Joni Mitchell, Mally combines tasteful guitar and poetic lyrics with a clear voice that will melt your heart. Mally’s fourth studio album entitled “Free” is set to be released in Summer 2021 with the first single out now on all platforms!

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Performer at “Pride in the Park”.

After releasing his debut EP ‘Out in the Ocean’ in 2017 (produced by Billy Kennedy and Andy Monaghan of Frightened Rabbit) , Edinburgh based singer/songwriter Scout has been traveling round the UK and Europe honing his craft and making a name for himself as he goes with his unique style of bittersweet folk music. Scout has released two singles since his first EP, ‘Holding On’ in 2018 and ‘Save Me a Seat’ in 2019 which received national airplay on BBC Scotland from Janice Forsyth and on BBC Introducing from Vic Galloway. He has supported artists such as Lucy Rose, Rae Morris, and dodie.

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Megan Black

Performer at “Pride in the Park”.

Scottish ‘Hippy-Dippy Drag Queen’ Megan Black is an LGBTQ+ artist who uses their platform to write songs about their own experiences in hopes that sharing their with others can bring comfort in their own lives and sense of self-expression. Megan’s style of music is a mix of Blues/Rock and Rock and Roll (along with a few other things thrown in the mix). Megan’s music brings an older style of music paired with relevant lyrics to what is going on in the world today.

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Hannah Kiernan

Writer of Chapter 6 of “A Queerativity Tale”.

Hannah Kiernan is a Southern California writer who recently got her M.A. in Creative Writing. She enjoys reading, hiking, and spending time with her friends and her dog.

Jenna and Shep

Creators of “Sew Queer Bunting”.

Jenna and Shep are a queer couple who live and work in the city of Canterbury. They are passionate about living authentically and celebrating LGBTQ diversity. They are both crafty, in different ways, and have come together to make creations they hope people will love!

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Mystika Glamoor

Model behind “Mystika Glamoor”.

Mystika Glamoor is known as the surrealist socialist socialite and the High Priestess of Edinburgh! Before the pandemic she hosted the weekly show GLAMOOR where she gave a platform to the weirdos, new faces, and campiest of local performers. She has worked throughout the pandemic to create digital performances and full length digital cabarets. In September she became the co-owner of Greenwood, Edinburgh’s new queer sober space, which is open every day 8AM-4PM serving loads of food, eco groceries, and art by local queer artists.

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Jamie Gallagher

Creator of “Proud Science”.

Jamie is a scientist and science communicator. He has a PhD in chemistry and electrical engineering but is now found on stage, tv and radio rather than the lab. Starting in 2019 he began making rainbow themed science pins to increase LGBTQ+ visibility in the sciences. Each sale also raises money for the Albert Kennedy Trust which helps young LGBTQ+ people living with homelessness and over £3,000 has been raised so far. He is particularly proud of how many of his Proud Science badges have made it into classrooms with teachers around the world displaying the Pride colours on lanyards and lab coats.

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Writer and performer of “Chlorine”.

Rona is a second-year drama student who likes writing sad little songs about how she falls in love super easy. She started writing when she was little, mostly about imaginary relationship problems and wanting to be more popular. Her biggest song writing inspirations are Lorde, Phoebe Bridgers and Hozier. Rona identifies as bisexual, which she defines as being into who she’s into regardless of gender. Rona is a big fan of Queerativity and the fact that it’s giving a platform to queer voices!

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Suzanne Elvidge

Writer of “The Hourglass”.

Suzanne Elvidge has written since she was old enough to hold a pencil, and words, science, bees and cats are her passion. She is a freelance medical writer and is studying an MA in Writing for Performance at the University of Derby. She wants to hear and read more queer and women’s voices and writes monologues about people whose stories haven’t been told.

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Lola Fierce

Creator of “Born Again”.

Lola Fierce is a Glasgow based Drag Queen who isn’t afraid to just be herself. Lola is one of the first drag artist in Scotland to ever release an Album. She’s not afraid to step outside of her box. Nothing can stop her from doing what she loves…even if she does hit delete. Live singing, lip syncing, comedy and more, its time to get fierce and fabulous!

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Charis Morlotti

Performer of Monologue “Perception”.

Charis morlotti is a 19-year-old actor from glasgow, scotland. Charis identifies as a non binary lesbian and loves the fact that theatre is becoming so much more diverse. They have been acting since they were 5, and moved into musical theatre performances at the age of 12. Charis has been involved in many plays and musicals since then and, since graduating high school, has been studying musical theatre full time at new college lanarkshire.

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Ruby Leslie

Writer and Performer of Monologue “Oat Milk Obsession”.

Ruby Leslie is a bisexual Scottish writer and performer from Edinburgh who is passionate about queer expression and art. Currently based in Glasgow, she is in her second year of studying Musical Theatre in Motherwell and has performed in plays, musicals, and contemporary devised theatre. She has written for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and for Queerativity’s monologues night. She is passionate about creating and performing in fresh, honest contemporary theatre, and is so excited to be a Queerativity Artist!

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DC Cathro

Writer of “Damaged” Monologue.

DC Cathro is a Chicago-based playwright, actor, and director from the Washington DC metropolitan area. His musical “Till,” written with award-winning composer Leo Schwartz, was one of three winners in the 2016 Main Street Musicals Festival, selected by Gregory Mosher, and was also accepted into the 2019 New York Musical Festival (NYMF). “The Book of Merman,” another musical written with Leo Schwartz, enjoyed a five-month run Off-Broadway. In 2014, he became the only playwright to have two shows in the Pride Films and Plays Festival in Chicago, IL; “Pen, A Musical” (with Schwartz) and the comedy “Family Holiday.” DC’s works have been read at theatres and festivals across the U.S., including The William Inge Festival in Independence, Kansas, The Kennedy Center in Washington DC, and St. Luke’s Theatre, Off-Broadway in New York City.

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Sammy Dean Monroe

Writer of monologue “Welcome Party”.

Sammy Dean Monroe is a poet and writer with a rebellious, playful and lyrical style. He originally trained as an actor and dancer however he has always been writing and is now sharing his work. Sammy’s writing pushes the boundary of what a LGBTQIA plus person’s life is and to show underrepresented stories within the community.

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Padraic Riddle

Performer of Monologue “Welcome Party”.

Padraic Riddle is an Edinburgh based Performer, Theatre Maker and Facilitator as well as the current Artist in Residence at Performing Arts Studio Scotland. Padraic is a recent graduate of the BA (hons) in Dance and Drama at Edinburgh College through Kingston University, where he achieved a First. Recently Padraic has been developing his practice as a facilitator, and has lead workshops in Schools, Colleges, Youth Theatres and on professional placement with Surge in Glasgow. Padraic is passionate about developing work that accurately addresses the challenges faced particularly by young queer people in Scotland. He believes it is vitally important that young people see themselves represented in truthfully in theatre.

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Ellisha O’Donnell

Performer of Monologue “Prayer of Serenity”.

Ellisha is a Scottish actor and artist, who until recently featured mostly on stage playing contrasting roles like the intuitive ‘Emilia’ from Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ and the impressionable ‘Dolores’ in ‘Be My Baby’. Since Graduating Glasgow Kelvin College, Ellisha has done various voice over roles with Yorick Radio Productions; most notably “Radio Revelry- Communicable” and “The Merry Nativity”. Throughout her college education, Ellisha had the opportunity to work with other queer creatives for the first time, helping her to figure out the kind of art she wants to be involved in making.

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Rebecca Hogan

Writer of Monologue “Prayer of Serenity”.

Rebecca Hogan is a disabled lesbian playwright, who focuses on writing about social issues, inequality, and inclusion. She is currently part of Birds of Paradise’s Young Artists, Sanctuary Queer Art’s Young Company, and is a Resident Artist for the Making Space Festival with Scottish Youth Theatre.

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Matt Cogswell

Writer and Performer of Monologue “fat 43-year-old seeking a sugar daddy”.

Matt Cogswell is an actor, creator, director, and playwright who also teaches at two local colleges. He posts some of his work on his YouTube channel, Due Credit Productions.

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Phoebe Dunham

Writer and Performer of monologue “Jokes”.

Originally from Woking, Surrey, Phoebe is currently attending Edinburgh Napier University studying Acting and English. Queerativity’s Monologues March provided Phoebe with her first opportunity and attempt to write a monologue! She had an absolute joy creating her piece, especially considering the current climate for Creators.

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Josie Young

Writer and Performer of monologue “Small Town Shagger”.

Josie is an artist currently based in Falkirk. She is a current Artist in Residence at Edinburgh College. Josie loves to collaborate with other young artists to create and sustain platforms dedicated to promoting inclusive and exciting opportunities for upcoming creatives. As a bisexual woman she wants to use writing to entertain and inform audiences of issues related to the LGBTQ+ community. Within her residency Josie leads workshops with college students to delve deep into issues and themes related to feminism, the LGBTQ+ community and authority.

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John Fico

Performer of monologue “This is Not a Touch Exhibit”.

John Fico is an award winning downtown actor living in NYC with his husband and their oversized chihuahua (#gayagenda). He is best know for the five-star solo play MADE FOR EACH OTHER (performed across the US and at Edinburgh Fringe 2012/13) and is currently online in the award-winning solo comedy DEMOCRACY SUCKS at; both by playwright Monica Bauer. TV/WEB : THE BLACKLIST, I LOVE YOU BUT I LIED, THE OUTS & the upcoming Netflix series INVENTING ANNA.

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Scott C. Sickles

Writer of monologue “This is Not a Touch Exhibit”.

SCOTT C. SICKLES is an LGBTQ/biracial Asian American writer whose plays have been performed in New York City, across the U.S., and internationally. He is the author of Playing on the Periphery: Monologues and Scenes for and About Queer Kids available on Amazon. Stand-alone monologues include: Time, Magic, and Antoinette; I Deserve a Break Today; This is Not a Touch Exhibit; Consolation; Escalator to the Gallows, Rainy Night in a Piazza of Stone; and “We Ride at Dawn!” His LGBTA full-length Hairdresser on Fire was just published by Next Stage Press.

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Ellis Busby

Performer of monologue “This is an open letter to the gay guys who grab my boobs when they’re drunk”.

Ellis Busby is currently in her second year of studying Acting at the University of Cumbria. Acting is her life’s passion, and she has previously been involved in the film “Billionaire Boy” by David Walliams. As bisexual woman and performer, Ellis hopes to use her voice to raise awareness and support for the LGBTQ+ community.

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Emily Powers

Writer of monologue “This is an open letter to the gay guys who grab my boobs when they’re drunk”.

Emily Powers is Canadian-Californian playwright interested in creating queer visibility through theatre and slam poetry. She has won the Robertson Davies Playwriting Award twice. Her writing has been published with Acta Victoriana, Hart House Literary, The Goose, The Humming, Rinky Dink Press, and Demeter Press. She loves pesto sauce and springtime.

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Amber Docherty

“A Queerativity Tale” chapter writer.

Amber Docherty is a Drama and Performance student at Queen Margaret University. She has experience in many aspects of the arts, including musical theatre, creative writing, choreography and graphic design! During lockdown, Amber has started a small business with her flatmate selling handmade boob-themed art and trinkets, called Thingamaboobs! When Amber isn’t studying, running her small business, or co-running her theatre company Happy Sad Productions, you can usually find her re-reading a book, doing some spontaneous karaoke or having a well-deserved nap. She is very very excited to be getting involved with Queerativity!

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Jordy Deelight

Creator of “Muck 2020”.

Jordy Deelight is an Edinburgh-based non-binary artist from Leith who works between Edinburgh and Glasgow creating performance-based work. Their work looks at identity and persona in the art of drag, exploring themes of disability, gender and mental health by using realism vs surrealism. Jordy Deelight trained at Queen Margaret University (BA Drama and Performance) 2013-16 and at Edinburgh College of Art (MA Contemporary Art Practice) 2018-20.

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Hannah Eglinton

“A Queerativity Tale” chapter writer.

Hannah is a Film and Television/English Literature student at The University of Glasgow. She is very passionate about horror movies, Fleetwood Mac, and Sylvia Plath!

Abz Mills

Creator of “Visibility Tattoos”.

Abz Mills is a biracial queer Creator who has a black cat, fiancé, and ten years of experience working professionally as a Tattoo Artist. She does commissions and wall murals, as well as drawing and painting cartoons and comics for fun. Abz works at Spaghetti Tattoos in Kirkcaldy five days a week and can be contacted using the details below.

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Alice Semple

Creator of “Floralice Jewellery”.

Alice has been using Scottish flowers to create some beautiful pendants, earrings, and rings. She enjoys the entirety of the process: from picking and drying the flowers, to photographing and advertising the final product. Each of her creations is one of a kind and sold on her Etsy shop. Alice also takes custom orders which involve preserving flowers that are special to the customer. She is incredibly pleased with the response to her jewellery so far and is very pleased to have the opportunity to share it through Queerativity!

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Jenifer Prince

Illustrator of “Vintage Lesbians”.

Jenifer is a visual artist and illustrator who is inspired by lesbian life and culture!

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Roza Stevenson

Illustrator of “Roza’s Queerations”.

Roza Stevenson has an array of experiences in the creative industry, varying from singing, dancing and acting, to painting! She is a bisexual artist from Edinburgh who’s vast experiences make her a great asset to any project. Roza feels that Queerativity is going to go far, so is really excited to be featured on this site! 

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Niccolò Maccaferri

Writer and Performer of “Never See Me Cry”.

Niccolò Maccaferri is a singer from Italy who recently moved to the United Kingdom to study Drama and Performance and pursue his passion for Musical Theatre. Niccolò has been writing his own music from a young age, often striving to combine the sounds of pop and broadway. He is extremely excited to share his first single with Queerativity and the world! 

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Sian Robertson

Model for “WLW Couples Halloween Costume Ideas”, and writer for a chapter of “A Queerativity Tale”.

Sian Robertson is a bisexual astrophysics student at the University of Edinburgh. She loves the arts and supporting LGBTQ+ creators. In between learning about stars and telescopes, Sian enjoys writing and developing stories, she hopes you enjoy her chapter of Queerativity’s tale.

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Molly Knox

Writer of “Hexed”.

Molly Knox is a music student who is passionate about creating both theatre and pieces of writing which explore sexuality, mental health, and identity. Nature plays a significant role in Molly’s art. Her interest in the world she sees around her transpires beautifully in the work she creates.

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Morgan Black

Creator of “Either/Or”.

Morgan Black is a gender non-conforming artist currently studying for a Master’s degree in Fine Art and Humanities. Their practice is centred upon video and performance to address issues of gender identity and to interrogate current attitudes in society and culture. Their work is informed by popular media, history, mythology, and philosophy, and aims to level the distinction between ‘high’ and ‘low’ art, involving film-making, music, comic books, and spoken word.

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Rachel Blaquière

Composer and Musician of “Either/Or”.

Rachel Blaquière, born in Germany to English parents, is a 22-year-old final-year undergraduate music student at the University of Edinburgh, and will be beginning a postgraduate Musical Direction course in September 2021 at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. She hopes to make a living composing and conducting for musical theatre and/or classical music. Some of her proudest artistic accolades include achieving first place in several competitions in composition and performance, and serving as Musical Director for several theatre shows and cabarets, both in person and online. Outside music and theatre, Rachel enjoys cooking, travel, languages and linguistics, and, naturally, everything gay. Rachel identifies as both bisexual and transgender.

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Madeleine Leisk

Illustrator of “Our Icons”.

Madeleine Leisk is a Canadian illustrator living in Edinburgh, where she is inspired by the tempestuous weather, architecture, and creative community. Her illustrations appear under the name “YLWBK Illustrations” (pronounced Yellow Book). Her artistic style involves playing with soft colour palettes and fluctuating between whimsical shapes and colours, and harsh structural outlines. She particularly enjoys working on projects for the Queer Community and would love for you to get in touch with any potential projects!

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Jack Wallace

Creator of Jackpot!

Jack Wallace is an outgoing, bubbly, and overly opinionated homosexual. He is currently studying Primary Education Studies at Queen Margaret University, however, in his free time, you will find him creating his brilliant podcast Jackpot!

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Chelsea Grace

Performer and Writer of “Who Doesn’t Like Turtles?”

Chelsea Grace is an enthusiastic Highlander who is now living in Glasgow. She is an actor and writer who enjoys working in stage, screen, and voice-overs. Chelsea uses performing as a form of activism and a method of educating herself about all walks of life. 

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Charlie Brown

Creator of “Handmade Pride Jewellery”.

Charlie Brown is a 19-year-old Queer Creator. In college, she studied Animal Management and expanded her love for plants, animals, and the environment. This transpires heavily into her work, such as the mushroom necklaces as seen here. She is working on expanding her business into different creative realms, such as paintings and textiles. Charlie is very excited to showcase her art on Queerativity! 

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Phoebe Wiseman

Performer and Writer of “First Kiss”.

Phoebe is a second-year Drama student at Queen Margaret University. After moving from a small town in the North East of Scotland to the bustling city of Edinburgh, Phoebe was inspired by the diversity and variety of creative outlets available. Her poem “First Kiss” is very personal to her and was a long time in the making. Phoebe has felt extremely fulfilled from this opportunity to share it with others through Queerativity.

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Hannah McGregor

Performer and Writer of “She”.

Hannah is a third-year English Literature student at the University of Edinburgh. Hannah’s love for musical theatre, combined with her degree, has allowed her to write a variety of shows and monologues, some of which encapsulate Queer identities and themes.

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Cameron Kelsey

Writer of “Perfectly Happy”.

Cameron is 17 years old and from Edinburgh. His enjoyment of creativity through a variety of outlets never fails to engage and captivate an audience or reader. He claims to be “no professional”, however, Cameron’s passion always shines through his work and is evident to those who enjoy it.

Cerys Colquhoun

Artist of “Feminism” artwork.

Cerys is a Scottish born Creator, currently living in Australia. She is a soon-to-be University graduate with a passion for art and design. As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Cerys believes that it is important to create art that is inclusive and diverse. Art that hopefully brings a bit of happiness, knowledge, and growth into the life of those who indulge in it.

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Ellen Collins

Creator of “Ell’s Earrings”.

Ellen initially made these earrings to pass the time, but with a growing interest from her friends, she soon found it to be a great way to raise money for her 2021 volunteering trip to Fiji. Studying criminology and working part-time in retail means she usually has seldom opportunity to express her creativity, but making her earrings does just that. The Hama bead theme correlates with Ellen being half-danish, so she is really excited to combine her sexuality and culture to raise money for a good cause. 

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Jay Brown

Performer of “Torch Song Trilogy: Opening Monologue”.

Jay has always expressed a passion in theatre and will soon be going into his second year of Drama at Queen Margaret University. Combining theatre with his identity and showcasing it through Queerativity is extremely important to Jay and will hopefully inspire others to do the same. 

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Becca Reid

Artist of “Behind the Flag”.

Becca is a bisexual ex-fashion and textiles student who is still very passionate about creating art. She has been preparing for the exciting new experience of selling her art on Depop and offering custom-made pieces. Through accepting herself and her sexuality, Becca has embarked on a new journey of confidence and self-love, allowing her to rediscover her artistic passions and goals. 

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Tierney McLeod

Tierney McLeod

Creator of Queerativity’s website header.

Tierney is a twenty-one year old bisexual Creator. She is an actor, director and artist who feels wholesome through expressing and collaborating using digital art.

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