Afternoon Deelight

Queerativity is deelighted to share Edinburgh-based, award-winning Drag Artist, Jordy Deelight‘s podcast! Our Creator Heather Richardson joined Jordy in episode 9 to discuss Queerativity, coming out, and the impact that Coronavirus has had on artists.

Click the Spotify link above, or here, to listen to the episode!

Never See Me Cry | Original Song

Niccolò Maccaferri’s debut single “Never See Me Cry” is a beautiful piece that subtly reflects on the difficulties faced when your sexuality does not adhere to society’s “norm”. Niccolò released this song to represent the infinite strength that we can find in ourselves when everything seems to fall apart. Click the icon below to help support this wonderfully talented Queer artist!

Autumnal Haikus

These anonymously submitted Autumnal Haikus, paired with Madeleine Leisk’s beautiful illustrations, conclude Queerativity’s Halloween-themed features wonderfully. Madeleine’s artwork can be purchased as cards on her Etsy page here.

their eyes are autumn 

changes with the bitter breeze 

i will keep them warm.

the dying season 

maybe this part of me can

finally be free. 

pumpkin sculpting done

carve holes out of me and then

maybe i can pass.

want a cup of tea?

just one of the many ways

you say i love you.


Either/Or: A video performance that tackles binary gender identities and how this impacts an individual. This beautiful piece was created and performed by Morgan Black, and the soundtrack composed and performed by Rachel Blaquière.


Queerativity is very excited to share Jackpot’s latest podcast: The Gay Agenda. Our Creator, Heather Richardson, joined Jackpot’s very own Jack Wallace to discuss their experiences growing up Queer, their favourite Gay Icons, and more!

Skip to 9.20 to hear about Queerativity itself, then to 13.30 to listen to their experiences as Queer youths and thoughts on labels.

Click below to listen on Spotify!

Who Doesn’t Love Turtles?

Chelsea Grace’s monologue “Who Doesn’t Love Turtles?” is a personal piece that depicts the confusing, yet equally electric steps taken to understand your sexuality, and the effects your surrounding environment have on this.

She | Original Song

Hannah McGregor’s original song “She”, is a beautiful piece that blends self-image and insecurities, from a WLW perspective. Songs and art like this are extremely important in our culture. They help younger people feel less alienated by their attractions and feelings, and generally provide more content that LGBTQ+ folks can relate to.