Pride in the park Performers

Queerativity are so excited to announce our first in-person event, Pride in the Park! This will be a relaxed and fun opportunity to celebrate Edinburgh Pride with others, and tickets can be purchased here.

Our fantastic line-up of talent that will be featuring at different slots for Pride in the Park can be seen below!

Slot 6 Performer – Megan Black

Buy tickets for Megan’s slot here.

Slot 5 Performer – Scout

Buy tickets for Scout’s slot here.

Slot 4 Performer – Mally Smith

Buy tickets for Mally’s slot here.

Slot 3 Performer 1 – Rona J

Buy tickets for Rona’s slot here.

Slot 3 Performer 2 – Emilie-Jane and Laura Firth

Buy tickets for Emilie-Jane & Laura’s slot here.

Slot 2 Performers – Heather Richardson and Laura Firth

Buy tickets for Heather & Laura’s slot here.

Slot 1 Performers – Nikita, Eve, and Ash

Buy tickets for Nikita, Eve, and Ash’ slot here.

More coming soon…

Chlorine|Original Song

Original LGBTQ+ song, “Chlorine”, written and performed by the very talented Rona.

Born Again Shoot

Lola Fierce is a Glasgow-based Drag Artist with a newly released single, “Born Again”. It is concerned with reminiscing about the past, the happiness you felt, and wishing you could just go back to live it all over again. Her song covers how Lola felt during lockdown; yearning to be making some new memories! The music video covers a range of themes – most of which Lola feels are relatable to those in the LGBTQ+ community.

”I hope everyone really enjoys and loves the video just as much as I do. It definitely makes me feel proud and happy to be a queer person.“

You can check out more of Lola’s work, and her single “Born Again”, by heading to her Artist Profile.

Never See Me Cry | Original Song

Niccolò Maccaferri’s debut single “Never See Me Cry” is a beautiful piece that subtly reflects on the difficulties faced when your sexuality does not adhere to society’s “norm”. Niccolò released this song to represent the infinite strength that we can find in ourselves when everything seems to fall apart. Click the icon below to help support this wonderfully talented Queer artist!

She | Original Song

Hannah McGregor’s original song “She”, is a beautiful piece that blends self-image and insecurities, from a WLW perspective. Songs and art like this are extremely important in our culture. They help younger people feel less alienated by their attractions and feelings, and generally provide more content that LGBTQ+ folks can relate to.