Pride in the ParkA fun and relaxed opportunity to celebrate Edinburgh Pride in person!

Previous Pride in the Park tickets (which are now sold out!) included goodie bags that directly supported local Queer businesses through inclusion of their products, including a full meal! Following feedback from the community, Queerativity are able to offer cheaper tickets to Pride in the Park that do not include these goodie bags, but still allow access to our green-space and provide entertainment from an LGBTQ+ musician. If you have any questions or concerns about purchasing a ticket, please email [email protected], as we are happy to help and accommodate where we can!


Where will Pride in the Park be?

Attendees who purchased a ticket before the 17th of June are asked to go to Greenwood Cafe – 5 St. Peter’s Buildings, Edinburgh EH3 9PG, at the beginning of their time slot. From there, you will be directed to our nearby designated green-space that is within walking distance. Attendees who purchased a ticket without a goodie-bag are asked to head directly to our green-space, which is outlined in your email confirmation.

What is included in my ticket?

Included in your ticket will be a goodie-bag filled with vegan foods from Greenwood Cafe, as well as some LGBTQ+ goodies from some local Queer businesses. At our green-space, there will be a small performance from a LGBTQ+ musician, and you are welcome to some of our fun, outdoor activities! If you have purchased a ticket without a goodie-bag, your ticket includes the later!

What about children?

Children under the age of 12 are free to attend Pride in the Park and do not require a ticket!

Where is the money going?

Queerativity do not seek to profit from Pride in the Park, as we just wish to facilitate an opportunity for LGBTQ+ folks and allys to enjoy Edinburgh Pride in-person. Cash from ticket sales is being used to cover costs including insurance, paying musicians, goodie-bag items, and other expenses. If you have any further questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

LGBTQ+ & Feminist Scratch NightA Queerativity and Lockdown Links Collaborative Event. This is a fun opportunity to interact with some LGBTQ+ and Feminist art.

Rating 5 out of 5

“What a great idea to collaborate two communities that have been fighting for equal rights for so long. I love that there was a platform provided for my writing. Thank you so much.”

Hosting the Big Queer QuizJoin Queerativity for LGBT Health and Wellbeing’s monthly Big Queer Quiz! Winner will receive an annual subscription to LGBTQ+ Magazine Somewhereforus!

Rating 4.5 out of 5

100% of attendees felt this quiz helped connect them better to their community.

LGBTQ+ Monologues NightFive original LGBTQ+ monologues performed live, followed by a Q&A session with the writers. This event will inspire+educate Queer Creators.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

“I thought this was fab! Heather did a wonderful job hosting and the writers & performers were excellent and their pieces very varied and interesting. It ran so smooth and professionally.”

“I think this was a flawless event! I cannot think of anything to improve on :)”

“I would literally watch a Queerativity event watching paint dry. Everything is bloody brilliant.”

“The monologue event with the Q&A was an excellent example of the kinds of queer events I’d love to see. Just like what you were saying in the talk – visibility is key. As someone who doesn’t know how to identify yet, or is unsure of what my sexuality is, these events are extremely helpful in connecting with people who express similar experiences.”

Escape the ClosetAn online escape room for Queer and non-Queer people alike! A playful take on an LGBTQ+ person’s coming-out journey.

Rating 4 out of 5

“The most enlightening and enjoyable experience! Amazing escape room that has left me a sobbing mess. Thank you.”

“It was super brilliant, really really really good, super fun and really great group activity. Honestly well done for that being so amazing! 10/10 in fact more than that”

“Thank you so much for the best evening Queerativity! I thoroughly enjoyed every second and may have cried at the final video. Coming out can be so daunting for so many people and this confirms just how rewarding listening to yourself can be <3”