Privacy Policy

You’re visiting a website which is managed by AWMB on behalf of Queerativity. This policy explains how the website handles your data.

We have a very simple approach to privacy – we don’t want your data.

We collect as little about you as we reasonably can while still operating our websites and getting information to help us to improve them. We also avoid letting third parties get access to your data via our sites.

With that in mind, there are a few things on our site which do hold some information about you. Here’s a list:

  • Our servers keep a log of any requests made which result in an error.
    • These logs may include the page you visited, the error codes generated, your browser’s user agent, information about the action you were trying to complete, and occasionally your IP address.
    • These are erased after 7 days.
    • The lawful basis for collecting this information is legitimate interest. We use this to identify problems with our services and potential security threats.
  • We use a third party service, Cloudflare, to manage DNS and optimise our websites using their global network.
    • They hold information which may include but is not limited to IP addresses, system configuration information, and other information about traffic to and from their networks. They collect and use this data to operate, maintain, and improve their services.
    • The lawful basis for collecting this information is legitimate interest. You can read their privacy policy on their website .
  • We collect anonymous analytics information to improve our websites and for troubleshooting. This data is stored on our own systems — we don’t use a third party tracking service.
    • We store no personally-identifiable information or cookies — we can’t trace the data back to you.
    • The data we store includes:
      • Part of your IP address, from which we guess a very approximate location,
      • The dates and times you make requests to our services,
      • Details about the pages you visit on our site, including URLs, titles, and if you download any files or click a link to another website,
      • Your screen resolution,
      • How long it takes for the page to be made by our server and then sent to your computer,
      • The user agent of your browser – from this, we detect your browser, operating system, device used (desktop, tablet, mobile, TV, cars, console, etc.), brand and model,
    • After 1 day, we delete all of this and keep only aggregate information: for example, “500 people visited from the UK this week”, or “43% of visitors used an iPhone running Safari to view the website”.
  • If you email us, we’ll store whatever you send us in that email.
    • The lawful basis for this processing is contract.
  • Elsewhere on our website, you might see other ways to share personal information with us or third parties. Any opportunities to do this will be clearly labelled, and will explain alongside them how your data is handled. Some of the art on the site is hosted by third-parties. You’ll be able to see which service hosts the art and make a decision about whether to load it.
  • Information may be stored in backups after it has been deleted. The lawful basis for this is legitimate interest, as we use the backups for data recovery to ensure the integrity of our systems.

Our primary servers are in the UK, with encrypted backups in the US. Our third-party DNS and optimisation service uses servers worldwide – it’s part of how they make things faster – so their server logs are also worldwide.

Note that this policy might change from time to time, and you won’t necessarily be notified of the changes unless you check back here periodically.