Escape the Closet: Gold Ticket


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Queerativity’s first event, “Escape the Closet” is a playful take on a coming-out journey. Queerativity understands that those who have had to “come out” may not have had the most pleasant responses, and we do not intend to mock or belittle your experience. This Escape Room has been created by an LGBTQ+ person who has “came-out”, aided by a culmination of research and interviews on other people’s experiences. This event intends to play on stereotypes and misconceptions about “coming-out” in an equally and informative and entertaining manner. However, it is advised not to be played by those who would find revisiting this kind of situation unsettling and/or traumatic.  
Tickets are available for purchase on a pay-what-you-can basis. We ask if you are playing in a team that you purchase 1 Gold ticket each and consider that the average price of a virtual escape room is approximately £10 per person. 
You will receive an email on the 29th of November at 7pm detailing all you will need to know for participation in Escape the Closet. Fastest team wins!
Thank you for supporting Queerativity!