Not sure whether or not you are Queer? Struggling to find the words to come out? Never asked someone of the same-sex out on a date? Don’t fret! Queeries are here to help.

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Queeries is Queerativity’s LGBTQ+ Agony Aunt. Here, you can anonymously ask LGBTQ+ related questions regarding identities, relationships, allyship, and more. You’ll also find an informative bank of previous Queeries, which could provide relevant information to your situation!

Please note that Queerativity and our Queeries are not a team of health professionals, nor are we willing to answer any Queeries that relate to any illegal activity. If you are having suicidal thoughts, please call one of the signposted helplines below. If you have harmed yourself and your life is in serious danger, please call 999.

By pressing “submit”, you are consenting to your Queery being posted on the Queerativity “Queeries” page, as well as possibly some Queerativity social media. This will be done so anonymously as the Queeries team do not have any knowledge of who is submitting any Queeries. We aim to respond to Queeries within two days, so be sure to check this page again to receive your answer!


LGBT Helpline ScotlandPhone line open Tuesday & Wednesday between 12 – 9pm, Thursday & Sunday 1-6pm

0300 123 2523

[email protected]

Mindline Trans+Phone line open Mondays and Fridays from 8pm – midnight

0300 330 5468

SamaritansPhone line open 24/7

116 13